Atlantex Creative Works

Gloveboxes in Space

Quigley Design Associates designed these "Glove Boxes" as an exhibit for the GEO Centre in St Johns Newfoundland.

These Glove Boxes are designed to simulate issues encountered while working with the thick gloves and restrictions of a spacesuit.

They are especially entertaining for younger visitors to the GEO Centre who try to assemble the items put within the box. Tasks such as putting nuts on bolts and installing pins in holes can be quite tricky while working in a confined space with thick gloves on your hands.

We lit the interior of the Gloveboxes to make the tasks easier to see.

An access hatch at the back allows items to be placed within the box or removed. Other small details were incorporated into the exhibit to improve the experience. Things like, the clear polycarbonate window being curved to reduce glare, a sloped floor rolls the items for assembly back to the center, and the gloves are replaceable.

They were entertaining to build, and the kids get an idea on what it is like to work in space.