Atlantex Creative Works

Millbrook Heritage Centre

AtlantexCreativeWorks was directly involved in the design and fabrication of the Millbrook Heritage Centre as a member of the Strata Design Group. Our challenge was to develop an appropriate and effective exhibit that was sensitive and supportive to the Mi'kmaq story and the legend of Kluscap. 

The overriding theme to our conceptual approach was simple; to showcase, not only the Mi'kmaq Nation's rich heritage but also to enlighten visitors to the fact that the Mi'kmaq are still active and a vital part of the community.

The visitor experience transports them back to a time and place where living off the land's resources was essential for survival. The Mi'kmaq know their land intimately, the seasons, the animals, the plants and the minerals. We designed and built, conservation focused, exhibit cases to display artifacts such as porcupine quillwork and beadwork. The highlight of the exhibit is a multimedia presentation where Kluscap himself escorts visitors through the rich history of the Mi'kmaq people.

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